Oh boy.. Enamelling..

-By tomas

First experiments with enamel

I don’t know why I was putting it off for such a long time. I think it was because of glass fusing.

It was one of the first jewellery techniques I tried. Don’t know if it was the making it or the final result but I just didn’t have a feel for it.

Fused glass before being fired

Fused glass ready for firing.

It wasn’t anything special and your creativity was controlled by how well you could cut glass. I made a few “chop and stack” pieces that turn out cool and sold well but nha…not my cup of tea.

Enamelling on the other hand, has so many different techniques and the possibilities are endless!

I’m finally making good use of my jewellery classes and starting to saw, file and sand metal. Not soldering yet as I’m still missing some equipment for that but it will come next.

That’s the first part of the enamelling process, the metal. You cut (or buy already cut) metal shapes, then you clean them very well with steel wool.

The first technique I’m trying is the sifting method with torch firing – the most basic one. In this technique you sift your powder enamel on your metal piece and then your torch fire it from bellow.

Red vitreous enamel experiment on copper.

A little bit of experimentation with red vitreous enamel on copper.

It is a great way to start as you see all the different stages of the powder melting on your surface. Since I’m a bit impatient, this technique keeps me busy and entertained. I just have to remember that the piece needs to cool down before I can touch it. Me and my extreme excitement already made a bit of damage in the fingers.

Don’t mind the shape at it’s a off cut even dough it’s quite cool 😉
The piece has a counter enamel so the top glass doesn’t crack with the metal extension variation. The top has a opaque red layer. After firing the red there were parts that weren’t quite right so I grabbed the yellow and sprinkle on top just to see what happened. Like the effect and should be using the sprinkle techniques in future 🙂